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The Winter of Fate (Volume I) John Taur

The Winter of Fate (Volume I)

John Taur

Published September 2nd 2014
Kindle Edition
269 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Hallmar, a Haldorian warrior from the north, flees his homeland with his friends, being the only remnants of their ruined village. Adrastus, a Zanetrin pacifist, goes after Leodius, the emperor of Ralezin. Balegothrian, the Commander General of the Black Dragon Knights, plans to rule the world. Hallmar wants to find a new life, along with his two surviving friends, and retrieve a sacred stone of their people. Adrastus wants to avenge his wife’s death and stop an evil man. Balegothrian leads the assault against Ansou, an important city of Ralezin on the border with Nelator.