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The Look and Shape of England Nigel Moor

The Look and Shape of England

Nigel Moor

Published July 1st 2010
Kindle Edition
299 pages
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 About the Book 

Few subjects court such widespread controversy as urban and regional planning. The decisions of planners, builders and politicians literally shape our landscape for decades to come, and for every party in favour of a development plan, there will always be at least double that number against it, their reasons ranging from the selfish to the ethical, ecological, geographical and architectural.In this absorbing study , Nigel Moor examines the history and politics of planning, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, and shows how the spheres of politics and planning are inextricably linked : the design and spread of the built environment shapes the political agenda, while the decisions of politicians and the passing of planning laws dominate , and often hamper, the planning and construction process.Written in an open and accessible style, The Look and Shape of England will appeal to anyone with an interest in our built environment and the future welfare and properity of our nation.Reviews of the original hardback edition of the book can be read in the Customers Review section of Amazon Author Central.Readers