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Rightly So Carter Lyons

Rightly So

Carter Lyons

Published May 20th 2014
Kindle Edition
92 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Based on true heart-wrenching incidents and emotionally gripping episodes, a feisty yet naïve young girl from the south battles challenges and the queries of a desired life beyond a growing tractor trail, with the key to their resolution being… a secret we all personally keep!Her unwavering need to leave Beacon County found Jessica marrying at the age of fifteen, hoping to catch up with life as she was sure it was passing her by, and she wasn’t about to learn a heap more behind anyone’s growing tractor trail! As the second of six children, and just wise enough to know she didn’t know enough, figured there was undoubtedly so much more she needed to see. Her first night as Mrs. Tommy Harper, however, shockingly opened her eyes to more than she was ready to see, leaving her bruised and broken hearted. Questioning herself then, as she would many times, she ultimately left him. Had she not…she would never have met Clarice Benton, and had it not been for Clarice Jessica would never have been able to hold her own! Thing is, Jess couldn’t see how her own, was good enough and it took a lifetime- cola bottles, drunken torment, a watery path, sacrifice, love, loss and a stormy afternoon pouring with misunderstood emotion to finally –through closed eyes… clearly see it all!Twists of fate that can change the course of lives were none stranger than Jessica learned as a sorrowful unexpected guest, like the lightning from the raging storm outside, all but struck her heart. As a matter of fact something did- causing her to focus on visions she had long since put to rest. Tumbling from the shadows came those brutally unfair realities always too painful to think on, as fresh grief poured towards an unpredictable climax.